The first point of access to see me for psychotherapy and treatment is through a referral.

Clinic Enquiry

You can contact me in confidence to enquire about what I to offer you, and to take an opportunity for an initial conversation to find out more about my services.

Dr Stephen Buller

Making a Referral as a GP or

Other Professional

As a GP, or other professional, you can make a direct referral in the usual way. A referral needs to include details of your reasons for referral, any pertinent history of which I should be aware, and a postal address and telephone number for the patient. I will contact the person you are referring by telephone for an initial discussion, and to arrange an assessment appointment. Your referral should be sent to:


You can make direct contact with me if you want to self-refer. Referral email is opened only by me. As a minimum you should include your full name, a postal address and telephone number. Some further brief details of your reasons for referral, and any other information you may think I will find useful, will be helpful.  I will usually arrange a telephone conversation with you in person, on the telephone number you give me, for an initial discussion. Your referral should be sent to:

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